Nonsensical thinking by my aunt

Today and the previous day, my father took it upon himself to clean out all the unneeded objects and items in my deceased grandmother’s house. He took out the beds, the chairs, the old food, and all of the trash. As you already know, my aunt had come over to the house 3 days prior and proceeded to throw away now found, belongings of my father and I, belongings of my deceased grandmother such as letters that were sent to her and very valuable and memorable items. She tried to throw these things out and my father and she got into an argument due to the fact that she was throwing them out on Tuesday. The trash usually goes out on Monday so, for her to be throwing away trash on Tuesday is absurd. She then proceeded to call her daughters and the police. She walked out of the door and drove back and forth to which she had put the car in park. She was waiting for the police to arrive. The police eventually arrived and she told them that my father and she got into an argument and that he did something to her. But, in all actuality, nothing was done only precautionary measures were taken. The police then questioned my father and he told the real truth. The police said that’s all I needed to know and they drove off. We went back into the house and mulled over the situation. We came to the conclusion that what my aunt did and what his sister did was absolutely ridiculous. That brings us back to today, my father got one of his friends to get a water heater and put on his truck so, that it wouldn’t be taken. Seeing that aunt Roz and her children and their children are thieves, we took it upon ourselves to make sure they wouldn’t steal anything valuable. Whilst in the procession of doing so, my aunt Roz called and yelled at my father for throwing away a bed that had bodily fluids embedded into it. At the same time of this taking place, my father also has to deal with getting our belongings from the repo place. In which you need authorization from the person on my grandmother’s death certificate which, is my aunt Roz. Since she didn’t call them this day we won’t get our things until another day. All in all, I think that my aunt Roz is being very Petty and childlike. If she really considered us like family, which she doesn’t she would in the least help us in our situation. The only thing that we want to do and need to do is get back to California. Until next time, this is the informant.